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28 maggio 2006

New Media Picks Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 54

Photo-montage created with: Hetemeel

  1. Video publishing community allows you to upload and share your favorite videos over AIM and email. AOL-born
  2. Mobile social networking service enables you to create groups and send text/photo messages to them
  3. Create a 360 degrees navigable image with your digital photos and post it on your website
  4. Online backup service provides storage and backup for your files and allows you to share them with others
  5. Collaborative online whiteboard allows you to draw freehand with other people
  6. Interactive podcasting service enables you to join themed online participatory conversations
  7. Track comments on your favorite posts by getting them delivered to your email or feed reader
  8. Email management system allows you to create personalized settings to improve your customer support service
  9. Social collaboration system allows you to manage your relationships with groups of people you are affiliated with
  10. Art community offers a web space to showcase the characters you design and sell them online
  11. Create an easy to access page for your readers that facilitates RSS readers subscriptions
  12. Online community identifies and reports computer programs that enable you to carry around your applications on any portable device
  13. Web-design tool enables you to create customized buttons for your website and blog

Sharewood Picnic is my weekly collection of new media resources and tools in which I report the best new media tools and picks I discover during my daily research and explorations. The picnic gems I select are all tools and services that while small or still in Beta stage deserve definitely more attention and exposure.

My goal is to provide you with constant access to those tools and facilities that can enable, augment, enhance and support your ability to be effective online publishers. Here is my new media picks selection for this week. Check out what I have found:


  1. AOL UnCut Video


    UnCut Video is a service provided by AOL that allows you to upload videos from your web camera or camcorder. You can watch videos and share them with your friends over AIM and email. Videos are rated and commented by the community and you can add them to your AOL Journal. There is not limit to the number of videos you can view or upload but the maximum video length has been set to 5 minutes. Video search and uploading from mobile phones coming soon. Free to use.

  2. PartySync
    PartySync is a service that enables you to create mobile-based groups of people with whom you can share, synchronize data and have group chats via text messaging. You simply need to send a text/photo message to the group number that PartySync will assign to you and it will be forwarded to all the members. You will not be charged for messages to every member and any member can simply reply back and chat to the whole group. You can also send text/photo messages from PartySync web site. PartySync works in all countries and it's free to use.

  3. Picture Cloud
    Picture Cloud enables you to replace your photo with one that spins and pans up to 360 degrees. You can take several images around an object or scene, upload them to Picture Cloud and create your 360 degrees image or even a moving image sequence. What Picture Cloud does in essence is to transparently stitch multiple digital images together as to provide the ability to see them as a kind of movie sequence. Picture Cloud can host your clouds for you, or you can download your cloud and upload it to your own server. Picture Cloud images can be embedded in any web sites that enable you to show Flash items. No software required. Free to use.

  4. ElephantDrive
    ElephantDrive provides storage for your photos, music, video, documents and the capability to share them with whomever you want. You can access your ElephantDrive account from anywhere at anytime, share selected files with friends, family, and colleagues while keeping other files private, and publish to other sites and services. In order to upload files, you need to download and install the ElephantDesktop application which allows you to setup specific backup procedures to run at systematic intervals. Elephant Drive can work in the background and it is about to release a dedicated backup and synchronization tool that will further enhance the ease and simplicity with which your data can be backed up online. ElephantDrive currently supports Windows XP and Windows 2000 and is free during beta period.

  5. Imagination At Work
    Imagination At Work is a fascinating web-based whiteboard that you can use to draw whatever you want simultaneously with a selected partner. You can print what you have drawn and also play back the drawing process as if it was a live presentation. Only limitation is a preset amount of digital ink that somehow limits your creative abilities. Friends can be invited via email or via IM. Imagination At Work is free to use. A Must-Try.

  6. Waxxi
    Waxxi is a newly launched service that schedules themed participatory podcasts in which you, the audience member, can participate in the conversation and submit questions to the speakers. Waxxi provides transcripts and, additionally, each interactive podcast will also have its own RSS feed, where anyone will be able to comment. The cost is free: a toll free number for USA participants is provided once you register for the event. Participants outside the USA will be given an international number to dial into.

  7. co.mments
    co.mments is a service that allows you to monitor and follow blog posts in which you have placed your own comments. You only need to sign up for an account and once you find interesting posts, you can subscribe to your tracking feed and read new comments in your feed reader or e-mail client. Free to use.

  8. Sproutit Mailroom
    Sproutit Mailroom is an online service that allows you to manage your email by creating personalized settings which can be useful for customer support service. Sproutit Mailroom reduces the time you spend answering emails, makes your client conversations more productive by providing the history of your conversation with each person. Sproutit Mailroom facilitates collaboration within your team, as you can assign or re-assign a conversation to the appropriate team member. The basic plan is free and works with one user. Take a look at the Sprout Mailroom paid subscription plans. Free trial sign up.

  9. CollectiveX
    CollectiveX is a web platform that enables groups to communicate and stay up to date by providing them with shared calendars, an e-mail broadcasting facility, file sharing and group forums. Users can also connect to external groups and share contacts and information. CollectiveX free version is ads supported. Ads-free versions cost up to $149 per month for large groups with special needs.

  10. Mojizu
    Mojizu is a web space to showcase the characters your design and to expose your talent to a wide audience around the world. Through Mojizu, you can create your own unique profile page, links to your home page and showcase your artwork. Each character that you submit is showcased on the site: users vote on individual characters and provide comments. Mojizu automatically merchandises your creations and makes them available for sale on the web site. Mojizu shares all profit directly generated from your art with you, the artist, on a 50% basis. Free sign up.

  11. FeedPass
    FeedPass is a tool that enables you to make RSS easy for any blog or website. You just have to enter your feed URL and FeedPass will generate one information rich page along with subscription buttons and mini-tutorials on RSS that you can easily republish on your site to guide your users through the RSS subscription process. FeedPass also gives you a way to earn money from your FeedPass pages, both for your own content or for links to other feeds. You can create a FeedPass link to any blog or feed and earn money via Google AdSense when people view it. Free to use.

  12. Portable Apps
    PortableApps is a community site devoted to the reporting and promotion of portable applications. A portable app is a computer program that you can carry around with you on a portable device like an USB flash drive or an iPod and use on any Windows computer. When your portable device is plugged in, you have access to your software and personal data just as you would on your own PC. Applications on PortableApps can be downloaded for free.

  13. Buttonator
    Buttonator is a web-based tool that allows you to create buttons that you can use for your web site and blog. You can choose the font type and size, edit the text and set the color of your buttons. It is possible to chose among several styles by clicking on a button template or drag and drop it into the preview pane. Buttonator is free to use.

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